Celebfashion is a portal into the exciting world of Fashion, Celebrity and Style in Los Angeles as lived through Ramona, the model and stylist.  Chance are you are you were looking for ideas on what to wear to that special event or just exploring the world of fashion online when you came across this site.  Before I regale you with anecdotes of my life as a model, and share my take on fashion and style, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Ramona, I was born and raised in Europe, where I explored the world of fashion from a young age.  I moved to America in my teens.  During this time I discovered a passion for latin ballroom dance that allowed me to craft my own masterpieces to wear and knew even if my dance moves didn’t make an impression on the audience, my costume dresses would!

I have now found my niche, where walking down the streets of L.A. with your own sense of style is way “cooler” than blending in.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those over-the-top fashionistas but I do like to make a fashionable statement or at least have my own take on regular clothes.

As a model I will share with you my insight into the crazy and changing world of fashion and style.  Check back often for updates on my photo shoots, castings, fashion videos, and L.A. Lifestyle of celebrity events, parties and interviews.  Hope you enjoy my blog, please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.

Gucci photo model


  1. Greg Montoya says:

    Hello Ramona,
    I really like your site. It has alot of potential for success with hosting your modeling photos and all of that. I would like to help you out with building a whole new theme and marketing yourself better online. I think we could help each other out. I am trying to get into more models etc and wouldnt want to charge you or anything, just would want to add your project to my portfolio.


  2. Justus says:

    I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for ptosing this!

  3. fans from Lithuania says:

    Atrodai pritrenkianciai…

  4. Hi Ramona,

    How do I get in contact with you ? please email me back, I want you for my collection next shooting and I want to make a business proposal to you…
    please check my blog and get back to me… I m actually in Paris since August developping Sunset Strip my brand and everything is going crazy… I will tell you more about it by email…

    Best regards

    Philippe Trigo
    Fashion designer & Art Director
    Sunset Strip
    “Rock my spring” 2012 concept

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